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What is boarding?

Boarding is lodging for your pet! Like a hotel with a “No human’s allowed” sign.

Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day to see to the needs of your pet any time day or night. We offer a safe, comfortable environment for your pet to enjoy their stay while you’re away! Boarding guests enjoy a variety of daily activities including playtime, socialization with other dogs, naps, attention from staff, and a cozy space to call their own while they’re visiting.

What do I need to bring?

The only thing you need to bring along is food!*¬†We provide everything else free of additional charge¬†including toys, bedding, food/water dishes, friends and their very own personal pet care team! Feel free to bring items from home as well such as favorite toys, beds, treats or other comforts you wish to supply them with while you’re away.

*For the sake of your pet’s health and digestion we ask that you bring a supply of food from home. Enough to get them through their stay and maybe a little extra if travel might delay you longer than expected. Pets are fed just like at home! Whether they usually have access to food any time of day or if they have specific feeding times and regulated dietary needs. Our staff follows your instruction as to how much and how often your pet is fed (or given treats). We do offer our own blend of house dog food for an additional $5 per feeding.



Suites are private rooms with all the comforts your dog can handle. They even get their own TV! Some dogs like watching TV, but an added function of having a TV available for your pet is that it’s often a common sound from home that helps with their initial introduction and assisting in managing any stress your dog might have about a night away from home. During the day your pet is matched with playmates on an individual basis to keep them active both physically and mentally with rest or breaks as often as they need. Aside from dog on dog time boarding guests receive the personal and private attention of our staff to maintain happy and healthy attitudes while waiting for their parents. Our pet care specialist’s will do whatever it takes to keep your dog comfortable and happy during their stay!

Overnight Camping

Overnight camping is an alternative boarding option we offer. Campers get their own private space with spots to sleep and bedding, but will have access to the sights and sounds of other dogs through the fences of each campground instead of the complete privacy of a dog suite. This can often be a good option for dogs that experience separation anxiety as they will be around friends to keep them company!



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