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What is daycare?

Daycare services include lodging where both the drop-off time and pick-up time occur within the same business day. Whether you need a few hours to get housework done without your dog’s nose in the paint bucket or you would like your dog to have an active social life we’ve got just the thing!

We offer a free day of daycare to all new clients to give us a try and allow our staff to meet your pet. Call now to register your pet with us and after that its as simple as deciding a day and time which works for you.

Free daycare for new clients for temperament evaluation

Free evaluation days are scheduled on Mondays any time during public business hours. We typically need a minimum of 4 to 6 hours in order to complete the basic personality profile of your pet. Please remember that this is not a true “test” to see if we will accept your dog into our facility, we do not discriminate based on either breed or temperament (with exception to staff safety). Un-socialized pets which are not comfortable or safe to allow play with others have a private activity schedule developed to suit their needs. Including individual playtime with staff, on demand affection and company, and any direction from the pet’s owner on how they would like them treated if playtime with dogs is not an option with your pet’s personality.

If your dog is social and enjoys the company and activity of playing with other dogs or just hanging out with them we got you covered too. We take every animal’s profile and match them with playmates on an individual basis to form our playgroups. If you have a very active dog who needs to get their energy out in a safe, naturally social environment we allow as much activity as your dog can handle. With constant access to water throughout the day as well as private rest spaces if your dog needs a break before starting round 2 of their activity. Toys, friends, and extra personal attention for your pet on the house!

A typical day at Green Paws Unlimited for daycare dogs

Upon arrival once our staff has had a chance to get to know your pet our goal is to make your drop-offs whether early in the morning or late in the evening quick and simple so you have more time to go about your day without having to worry about your pet. Staff will receive your pet and check with you for any specific care instructions you would like to add to their profile for that day(or any day) and then its bye bye parents and hello dog world!

Once your pet has a complete personality profile it will have known dog friends to greet who are also staying with us that day, as well as potentially new friends added to the list every day. We work hard to cultivate your dogs ability to handle new and happy social situations, increasing their potential for playmate selection as much as possible.

What if your dog is the only dog there? Not Possible! Our great service has a tendency to keep pets and people coming back again and again, however when we have unreserved space in boarding at Green Paws Unlimited we take in foster animals from local no-kill shelters to help increase their socialization, training, and just to get them out of their shelter life for a while! This means there are always a variety of dogs on hand to meet your dogs social needs as well as a chance for your dog to help make these homeless pups better candidates for adoption. All foster pets in our program must meet the same vaccination and health standards as our clientele to minimize risk.

There are no set “play-times” at Green Paws our staff monitors our facilities population constantly to determine who needs a break, who’s done napping, or who needs some extra 1 on 1 time. If your dog needs a full day of all out running around with pals, that’s what they’ll get! If anyone starts to show any signs of fatigue or discomfort we change the situation with new friends, private time, or personal attention.

Right up until pick-up we keep your dog active and happy. Also, if your pet has any special needs we can accommodate whether its specific feeding regiments to keep them on the same schedule as at home or medication which must be administered during their stay

We are staffed 24/7 but for the sake of your pets health and safety we keep our late night and early morning activities to a minimum,

Regular Daycare rates start at $24.00 per day

Half day rates start at $17.00 per 1/2 day

Daycare packages available for as low as $15.00 per day!

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